Europe's top 50 Banks in 2019:
Weathering the perfect storm

A decade after the global financial crisis, Europe’s top 50 banks are still struggling to regain long-term, sustainable profitability. Looking forward, the outlook is still more troubling.

For our latest annual European Banking Study, we have used zeb’s tried-and-tested, proprietary simulation model to forecast the financial performance and capital resilience of Europe’s top 50 banks over the next five years. Even in the most optimistic and least probable “Euroboom” scenario, banks will fail to meet investor expectations for RoE or accumulate sufficient capital reserves.

Last year, we identified four pathways to profitability that Europe’s banks could follow: M&A, product specialization, breaking up the value chain, and developing “beyond banking” ecosystems. We highlighted digitalization as the major enabler for all four pathways.

Building on this finding, we now examine whether digitalization could be the key to survival and long-term profitability for Europe’s stagnating banks. The results of our in-depth analysis are striking and lead to a point, where our study delivers more hopeful news. The European Banking Study 2019 (#EBS19) analyses how digitalization could be the “silver bullet” that delivers long term profits.

Now in its sixth year, zeb’s annual European Banking Study has established itself as the leading industry research source for the region’s top 50 banks and an indispensable guide to how they can navigate the challenges ahead.

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Celebrating its 5th year anniversary, the European Banking Study 2018 (EBS 18) from zeb is the industry’s leading research for understanding market conditions and issues impacting the Top 50 European Banks.

EBS 18 profiles and ranks every major top 50 European bank based on analysis of capitalization, total assets and return on equity. Readers will find out why too much confidence in recent profitability improvements could be only a short-term gain. The study also explores top trends from consolidation to competition and how they impact bottom line growth. 

Industry executives will gain insights into the paths to address consolidation, regain market share and improve profits by focusing on areas like customer relationships, product specialization, disintermediation and how banks can simplify and standardize for greater operational profit improvements.

Ever since we started the European Banking Studies, we have combined market expertise and exhaustive data analyses and build up a unique simulation model to gain a deeper understanding of the major problems, European banks are facing. We calculate the impact of regulatory actions and low yields to the banks balance sheets. And what bank managers might need to do about it. At zeb we’re proud to provide banking professionals with leading market trends and data that can help effectively steer your business. Designed for banking executives only, the European Banking Study is a “must read” – not only its 2018 edition, but its predecessors as well, featuring capital and liquidity snapshot of the Top 50 European Banks, in-depth bank analyses and rankings, leading banking trends, a view into the European M & A landscape and strategic moves for bankers and investors in Europe.