Strategy & business model

The plan for the perfect future: using strategic options and optimizing business models.

To name just a few examples, we might help a business to achieve a new market position or support it with leveraging potentials. Likewise, our excellently qualified consultants will be happy to support you with organizational restructuring projects and the multi-channel integration of sales channels. A broad know-how regarding practice-oriented sales trainings and leadership coachings completes our comprehensive service portfolio. Whatever challenges you may have to face in the future — choosing zeb means choosing a successful solution.

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Sales & operations

We prepare you for facing new challenges.

To make sure that new challenges won’t overwhelm you, you need the right partner — zeb. We are there to support insurance companies in times of change: demographic change, digitalization, changing customer expectations, the continuing low interest phase and the tightening regulation pose existential challenges to business models. We at zeb help you react to these developments in an active and systematic way, e.g. by means of an intelligent alignment according to customer needs, a market and customer-oriented sales approach across all sales channels, a drastic reduction of the complexity and strict cost management. Together with you, we develop sustainable strategies and concepts and carry out their implementation with the help of our practice-oriented teams of consultants. Let your business benefit from our proven procedures that have been developed throughout a multitude of projects. Our wide-ranging service portfolio comprises customer-specific solutions for a variety of challenges. For example, we can support you with the development of a management agenda for a customer-centered organization and with the implementation of an effective and efficient architecture for professional training measures. In addition, we offer creative workshops for generating digitalization ideas as well as programs for enhancing the performance of agencies. A complexity analysis for the overall organization and a cost benchmarking for the subsequent deduction of a lean agenda complete our offer. As a strong partner, zeb supports you with a broad range of services — but most importantly, we offer you a promising outlook for the future.

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Digitalization in the financial services sector

Bits and bytes at their best.

The countdown for the digital future has started. And it keeps gaining momentum! Digitalization has reached all aspects of our lives, but what is more, it also has long-lasting effects on business models. With their immaterial products and offers, insurance companies are particularly affected by this. Hence, it is high time to react appropriately to these fundamental changes by initiating a "restart" in the decision-makers’ way of thinking. We at zeb are your partner in this process and support the digital transformation of your business and operating models. In terms of strategy, we focus mainly on your positioning in the field of competition and on the value creation for your customers. With regard to operational aspects, a consistent customer communication across channels needs to be established and personal sales channels such as branch offices and field sales services have to be integrated into the omni-channel environment. Moreover, internal processes need to be adjusted to the digital interaction and IT facilities have to be used in a way that allows for customer needs to be clearly identified and met in the best possible way. At zeb, we have what it takes to tackle these challenges—thanks to our highly specialized employees, who have gained extensive experience in numerous projects. With our service portfolio, we are ideally equipped to provide strong support for the content-related transformation of your business. It will be our pleasure to assist you with the necessary transformation of your corporate culture towards an “enterprise 2.0” culture, which is characterized by networking, transparency and collaboration.

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