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of your IT landscape. zeb has worked on a variety of strategic, topic-specific and technical projects within the IT’s main field of action, all of which now serve as a basis for our consulting services. Our work is based on proven reference models and methods from the professional practice as well as the expertise of experienced specialists with entrepreneurial spirit. All the while, we pay particular attention to producing transparent and comprehensible results: this ensures that strategic options and decisions for the future are based on comprehensible reasons and that sensitive chance processes are developed in a careful, professional, fair and collaborative manner.

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IT strategy and ORG/IT management

Improving your ability to act and raising the value added by your ORG/IT

Powerful and target-oriented organization and IT processes can sustainably increase the competitiveness of financial services providers. Our motivation is that organization and IT can—and must—enhance the success of our clients' enterprises significantly.

For us, excellent ORG/IT work means finding the perfect balance between the three dimensions of delivery capacity, budget capacity and controllability. This is how we tangibly enhance your business strategy while improving the ability of your enterprise to act. We support you in specifying your IT strategy and designing a powerful IT architecture, organization and governance. Our approach—which is customized for your institution—begins with the question of what kind of ORG/IT support you require today and in future. Together with you, we develop functional and technical target architectures and show you how to put them into practice by means of development plans. For us, a fundamental principle of successful ORG/IT work is an end-to-end architecture management. In ORG/IT management, we point out how this architecture management can be ensured in your business in the best possible way. We provide answers on the best target operating models and provide support for everything from the design of an organizational and operational structure to ORG/IT personnel work, process and service management, the ideal vertical range of production and IT sourcing. On top of that, we also design your IT governance to ensure your performance and budget capacity. Our service portfolio also includes the establishment of practice-oriented ORG/IT management based, among others, on intelligent cost and resource management, provider management and IT risk and security management. In this context, we also coordinate the collaboration between functional and ORG/IT divisions and IT providers. The “value of IT” can only be raised significantly by an integrated, coordinated approach. Therefore, our service portfolio covers all stages and elements of ORG/IT work, with a focus on functional and economic objectives at all times.

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Dr. Jan Hendrik Sohl | Partner
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Control is good. zeb.control is better.

Gain the best overview and the required control. We provide you with the necessary tools and equipment: with zeb.control, you have the technical basis for an effective and efficient management of your insurance business. In an integrated form, the zeb.control product range supports you from management accounting for the total company from a top-management perspective through to analysis and planning at customer and account level. The system provides employees from various units with tailored instruments for measuring,  assessing and planning relevant revenues, risks and costs. zeb.control offers you the proper answer to all questions of modern corporate management:

  • ensures the results are managed accurately using a comprehensive standard report and both ex-ante and ex-post calculation of all levels of contribution margin.
  • zeb.control.accounting assists in the compliance of regulations with a measurement of insurance contracts according to IFRS 4 and the measurement of financial instruments according to IFRS 9 as well as comprehensive hedge accounting.
  • zeb.control.risk recognizes the risks using a VaR assessment with back testing and optimizes revenues using flexible scenarios and simulations.
  • zeb.control.regulatory covers regulatory requirements of all Basel approaches and maintains a loss database.
  • zeb.control.calculation calculates the database levels of all bank products as well as cash flows and measures of derivatives.
  • zeb.control.intelligence provides tools and methods for customizing the modules.

Learn more about zeb.control and test zeb.control live and for free in your browser.

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Overview Solvency II (2nd Edition)

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IT system integration

An IT that fits into your future.

The IT of insurance companies is not always able to keep up with recent challenges. We at zeb ensure that your IT system is even one step ahead.

Digitalization and the changing customer behavior that it brings about as well as increasing regulation pose great challenges to the insurance industry with regard to business models and the design of IT architectures.

Overcoming future tasks successfully requires broad business know-how and sound IT expertise—findic can offer you both. As a perfect interface between business and IT units, we support you with your IT plans during all stages of your project. No matter whether your change processes are based in software from established providers or on individual software products—we support you with our long-standing expertise in the development of concepts and the efficient implementation of the business intelligence solution that suits your requirements. If you are searching for reliable, target-oriented processes for the general ledger or subsidiary books of individual companies or in international group structures, we at zeb will be happy to introduce you to appropriate SAP solutions. findic secures your company the high level of commercial value of the software and ensures that your quality targets are reached. Make a giant leap towards your business advantage!

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Rainer Windler – Partner
Rainer Windler | Partner
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