Why zeb


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Burkhard Hanke | Head of Recruiting
Hammer Straße 165
48153 Münster

APPRECIATION. “Reasoning beats hierarchy” is our guiding principle. All employees have good ideas. That is why we listen to and learn from each other. The winner is always the best idea, regardless of the hierarchy level.

IMPACT. We strive for solutions that generate genuine added value and make an impact with good results.

DEVELOPMENT. “Stay and grow” is our promise. It should be fun to work at zeb. Our employees decide independently which Practice Group they would like to work in. Internal career coaches support their personal development.

DESIGN. We promote change and innovations. We proactively shape the future of the financial sector together with our clients.

Based on partnership

Are you wondering what you can expect to find at one of the most successful management consultancies in the demanding financial services market? Here is the simple answer: respect, trust, team spirit and a down-to-earth attitude. Because at zeb we firmly believe that only a culture of collaborating as partners can ensure our success and the success of our clients in the long run. Therefore, flat hierarchies and communication at eye level are very important to us — amongst colleagues, but also in the interaction with our clients.



Across the world, zeb we strive to promote the development of zeb and the businesses of our clients — with great success: over 900 employees, 18 offices in 13 European countries, an annual turnover of EUR 169 million and an average growth rate of approx. 20 percent — the figures speak for themselves. A strong employee retention that lies notably above the average and a large number of specialists and employees with a doctorate degree who work at zeb are furthermore proof that we are happy to share our success with our employees.

Diversity statement

For us, all employees are equal - in terms of opportunities and career development. When it comes to cultural backgrounds or gender, we welcome diversity, because at zeb, we care for an open culture where employees are not judged by origin or gender, but instead rated according to their professional skills. Therefore, zeb promotes international and intercultural cooperation: client projects are deliberately staffed with employees who have different geographical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, in order to encourage them to learn from each other and to grow together as a team.