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André Voutta | Recruiting Manager
Taunusanlage 19
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Intern B2B business

On the first day, I met the manager of the project to which I was assigned. I received my technical equipment and – after a rough introduction to the project by the project manager – I was immediately asked to arrange my trip to the project site for the following day. The project focused on the restructuring and re-organisation of the corporate business of a medium-sized German bank. In addition to the protect manager, the project team included two more colleagues from the fields of strategy and corporate customers. The first two weeks were very demanding mainly because I first had to get familiar with the project in order to understand what it was all about and which stakeholders were involved on the part of the client. After this settling-in phase, I was assigned more and more complex tasks. Of course, I was not able to perfectly accomplish them right away, but I always profited from follow-up discussions on possible improvements with one of the team members. Co-operation in the team was always highly agreeable – not least because the working atmosphere was good even under high stress.

I currently study in Munich and am about to complete my bachelor course on international management. After my bank clerk training, I had the opportunity to work as an intern and student employee in Germany and abroad (UK, USA) in the banking industry. In order to gather new experiences and gain new insights, I also wanted to get to know the consulting field before my graduation. At a job fair in Munich, I eventually came across zeb. As the first contact was very positive and since I liked zeb/’s approach especially because of my educational background, I immediately inquired whether it would be possible to get an internship in the lecture-free period. The recruiting team of zeb organised everything very quickly so that I was able to start an internship in the field of corporate customers already four weeks later.


Intern Strategy / Finance and Risk

I worked in two Strategy unit projects and one Finance and Risk project. In the first project, zeb supported an investment institution in developing new product concepts. I conducted interviews with our customer’s sales team and analyzed and prepared them for the final presentation. In the second project, I worked for a zeb/ key account manager and partner who is in charge of several major international banks. I coordinated the activities for zeb’s research division and created and revised KPI summaries. The results were used as the basis for a subsequent partner meeting. In the third project, I supported the Methods and Models team of the Finance and Risk unit in designing a concept for zeb/’s Solvency II software. With this software, insurance companies can ensure compliance with the future harmonized EU reporting requirements. This work included the development of technical specifications for the annual reconciliation (variation analysis) of technical provisions and the creation of a proposal document for our software.

I was immediately integrated into the team and treated as an equal team member. This was reflected in the type of responsibilities I was assigned. My colleagues were really supportive and always listened to my questions. I really appreciated the fact that also the senior managers and partners who were involved in the projects took the time to coach me and provide me with useful recommendations.

I wanted to use the opportunity to gain additional experience before starting my doctoral program. Challenging project work, various interesting tasks – consulting work has always intrigued me. However, as a mathematician, I also wanted to work in an environment in which I could perfectly use my skills. I know that I may have to delve into details and make a lot of effort in my daily work, that is, not only focus on organization and management, but also have a look behind the scenes, in particular at the “engine”.

zeb offered the chance to split the internship between the divisions Strategy and Finance and Risk, so I was able to learn about the different aspects of financial services and insurance consulting. Last, but not least, I was thus able to accommodate my fields of interest. Having completed the internship, I can say that my expectations were completely fulfilled. Metaphorically speaking, zeb/ combines the “navigation bridge” and “engine room”.