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Eva-Marie Jacobs
Hammer Straße 165
48153 Münster


IT consultant

After more than one year, I can say that I took the right decision. Since the start of my employment, I work on a project for introducing a broad range of the zeb.control software modules. Thus, I have become familiar with the different modules, which was and is very interesting not only technically but especially in functional terms.

After initially supporting a colleague in developing the ETL process from the core banking system to the zeb/data warehouse, I am now responsible for these tasks and, additionally, for the introduction of two zeb.control modules. In spite of working on one and the same project for one year, this is far from boring. Especially with regard to banking themes, I learned very much from my colleagues in the project team during this time. They also explained in detail the technical structure of the zeb/ software and supported me during the first adjustments. I never had the feeling to be thrown in at the deep end, but always had the freedom needed for working autonomously.

In the autumn of 2007, at the end of my bachelor course on information systems, I came across zeb for the first time. Soon after an interesting talk with a zeb/ employee, I started to work for this firm as a student employee. During these times, I and another student employee were responsible for the further development of a tool used by consultants at the clients’ and for fixing any bugs on a longer term basis. The resulting close contacts to the consultants and the ever new requirements made this work interesting and varied. Given the agreeable conditions and the interesting tasks, I continued to work for zeb until I completed my master studies in Münster and Brisbane (Australia).