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Report 2015.2016

As number one of the strategy and management consultancies for the European financial world, we at zeb aim to be off the beaten tracks. Instead we strive for innovative and simultaneously viable solutions for the future. In doing so, we rely on entrepreneurial innovative strength, conceptual vision and customer-oriented thinking. At the same time, we refer to our unique network of 25 Practice Groups and follow the maxim: we give anything—but no standard answers.
Trust, openness and committed cooperation at eye level are the focus of our project work. We need a respective environment that optimally supports our work for making it successful. Our offices are especially designed for the needs of our consultants and thus give them the necessary freedom: the open and innovative room concept enables our employees to work in a flexible, individual and connected way in order to create a maximum of creativity, exchange and innovative strength for you.

The current zeb.report 2015.2016 gives you an insight behind the scenes: in addition to the reports about current projects, we also present our employees in their environment at zeb. We elaborate your topics and develop joint creative solutions for your company. From thought to action.

report 2015.2016

Report 2014.2015

As your “Partner for Change”, we established a new and innovative network organization last year to be prepared for the future. Now we are able to align our strategy and implementation processes even more precisely to your individual challenges. Since our network is based on strong personalities whose individual expertise taps into its full potential within the team we can always focus on one thing:

the essentials!

Just as in every year, the current zeb.report 2014.2015 puts these zeb personalities in the limelight, in addition to our current projects. You are going to meet colleagues who commit themselves with enthusiasm to the issues of your bank, get to the heart of problems and develop creative solutions within the team. From thought to action.

report 2014.2015

Report 2013.2014

In addition to the usual insights into our hands-on project work, the zeb.Report 2013.2014 features impressions of our colleagues gathering at zeb.Uni, an event that constitutes a platform for an exchange of knowledge about current industry topics and projects and an opportunity for active networking among colleagues. It is one manifestation of how we make continuous, practice-oriented professional development and the willingness to question established thinking the basis of our work. And by the same token, it becomes the basis for your trust in our work!

report 2013.2014

Report 2012.2013

At zeb, we tackle every new challenge with great energy and an open mind. This is reflected in the zeb.report 2012.2013. In addition to the usual insights into our hands-on project work, it features impressions of our colleagues’ participation in various corporate volunteering projects in the summer of 2012. With great dedication and enthusiasm for the good cause, they supported several social facilities by furnishing and ordering a library or doing gardening and renovation work. With the same spirit and sense of purpose we support your projects, from the concept design until the final implementation — at a regional level as well as Europe-wide.

Report 2012.2013

Report 2011.2012

zeb supports you with made-to-measure consulting services in a professional and innovative manner. We address the challenges of the financial industry with a trained eye for the essentials and a straightforward approach. Besides the usual insights into our projects, the zeb.report 2011.2012 therefore turns the attention to our employees — authentic, straightforward, as is. Because the same applies to our project work: we focus on the financial topics concerning your business, cut to the chase of problems and develop customized solutions with the help of subject-specific expertise and creativity!

report 2011.2012

Report 2010.2011

In order to meet the individual expectations of our clients, employees at zeb are highly professional, authentic and creative — in their work and personally. This is reflected in the range of projects and pictures featured in the zeb.report 2010.2011: the versatility of the people at zeb creates a strong team, whose future-oriented collaborative work enables us to develop made-to-measure solutions for your success!

report 2010.2011