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Hammer Straße 165
48153 Münster

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Keeping at it.

The strategy and merger management unit is established and initial experiences about implementing sales projects for private customers and corporate customers are gained.

Our ideas are growing. And we're growing too.

zeb records further successes and is grown in workforce size. A relocation to new surroundings in Münster is the next step.


Again, in this year we don’t stand still: The units process management and IT are established.

Grüezi and Servus.

The first international office locations are opened: in Zürich and Vienna. Thus zeb extends its consulting services to projects in Central and Eastern European markets.

On our 6th birthday, we celebrate our 100th employee.

Mid-year we reach a new company record: over 100 people are now employed by zeb. Further offices in Berlin and Frankfurt follow.


Our subsidiary zeb.information.technology is founded. The Münster office moves to the zeb.tower which continues to be the company’s head office. At the end of the year, the Munich and Warsaw offices are opened.

250 times better advised.

In our tenth year, we break through the 250 employee level.

Traveling together.

The SAP specialists ITE computence is integrated into the zeb Group. ITE focuses on integrating customized financial services solutions by SAP. In August, more than 500 people work for zeb.

1,800 kilometers East of Münster.

In this anniversary year, zeb opens a further office in CEE: in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. And in December, an office in Hamburg follows.

First Prague and then Budapest.

In January, offices open in Prague and Budapest. Clients from Slovakia are advised from here, too.

Our finest tradition: always moving with the times.

With over 900 employees, zeb is a leading consulting company in the financial services sector. But that isn’t enough: Driven by the desire to be the best, we continue to develop ourselves after over 20 years.

In the beginning of 2014, zeb opened its Moscow office.