Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility for our employees, society, market and environment

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Andreas Schick | Director
Taunusanlage 19
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We regularly exchange ideas, set new targets and develop joint measures that advance the topic of corporate social responsibility and fit well to zeb’s DNA—this reaches across departments and is managed by a CSR officer. These measures include the creation of our own code of conduct, the certification of our CSR activities and our varied dedication to the further education of employees.
We recognize our enormous social responsibility and intend to take these steps to achieve our common goal of being one of the most important and largest consulting companies in banking in Europe.



Communication on progress

zeb has been a signatory of UN Global Compact, the largest and most important network for corporate social responsibility in the world since April 2015.

By signing up to this initiative we have committed to upholding the ten Global Compact principles in our day-to-day work—these include honoring human rights, complying with labor standards and taking measures to protect the environment and to fight corruption.

zeb has presented our first Communication on Progress in May 2017.

UN Global Compact website

zeb at UN Global Compact


Green electricity for zeb offices in Germany

Our business operations in the consulting business require energy and natural resources. We have set ourselves the goal of minimizing the negative implications. We are continuously improving our ecological efficiency with various measures: from an economical and ecologically reasonable use of energy, water and paper, to green IT and the use of renewable energies up to the replacement of business trips through audio and video conferences. In so doing, the results of the energy audit pursuant to DIN EN 16247-1 support us. Our latest measure affects the electricity consumption. From 2016, for all German offices in the zeb group, the electricity supply will be switched to 100% green electricity from renewable power sources.


Guidelines for our daily actions

From thought to action“—this is our core message. It represents philosophy and service commitment all in one.

The four values entrepreneurial spirit, partnership, persistence and commitment are decisive for us to meet our demands. They shape our zeb culture, our professional and responsible actions and thus our interaction with clients and business partners.

Based on this role, the code of conduct supplements our daily actions in the company and with our clients as a normative guideline.


We promote education

zeb was founded by the university professors Prof. Dr. Bernd Rolfes and Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Henner Schierenbeck as an academically focused company and continues to maintain strong networks and contacts with universities and providers of higher education.

We therefore strive to be a reliable partner to secondary school and university students and people with an academic responsibility.

We believe that education and research will make major contributions to the global economic development of the 21st century—and thus also to the future of finance.

For this reason, zeb and their employees are active in universities at passing on and promoting education to secondary school and university students and other talents.

Some examples:

  • Research and teaching ( school at the Steinbeis university of Berlin, lectureship, professorship cooperations)
  • Student promotion (Germany scholarship, zeb.bachelor-welcome program, circle, specialist speeches and trainings, workshops on topics such as project management, case studies, leadership and coaching)
  • Secondary school promotion (girls day, robot work group)

Besides current projects, zeb supports the association club of the BDSU (association of German student management consulting companies) and the umbrella association of stock exchange clubs at German universities (BVH) and scholarships for outstanding students through the foundation for the German economy (SDW).


Code of conduct for suppliers

The compliance with directly applicable law as well as impeccable actions from an ethical perspective is a matter of course for zeb and its employees. zeb’s code of conduct defines the necessary basic rules therefor. zeb expects—and explicitly demands—that all clients and business partners as well as contractors respect the code of conduct and behave accordingly.
Our suppliers commit to zeb’s code of conduct. For further questions, please contact Dr. Eric Henn.

Dr. Eric Henn
Dr. Eric Tobias Henn | Manager
ehenn [at] zeb [dot] de


Diversity charter

We at zeb are delighted about cultural diversity in our company. So we are pleased to support the “Charta der Vielfalt” initiative, which targets the advancement of recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in German corporate cultures—for a working environment that is free of prejudice.

Charta der Vielfalt website

zeb at “Charta der Vielfalt”


Diversity statement

For us, all employees are equal—in terms of opportunities and career development. When it comes to cultural backgrounds or gender, we welcome diversity, because at zeb, we care for an open culture where employees are not judged by origin or gender, but instead rated according to their professional skills.

Therefore, zeb promotes international and intercultural cooperation: Client projects are deliberately staffed with employees who have different geographic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, in order to encourage them to learn from each other and grow together as a team.